An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England

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I read about what you did to that lady poet's house in Amherst, and I need you to burn down the Ralph Waldo Emerson House for me. My mom and dad liked his essay or something he wrote about being self-reliant. They liked it so much they named me Waldo, after him. Freakin Waldo! Even Ralph would have been better than Waldo! I've always wanted to kill him except I'm pretty sure he's already dead. Then I thought: YOU can burn his freakin house down!

Just tell me how much money you want, dude, and I'll get it for you. I'll sell my comic book collection if I have to. How's that for self-reliance, you sons of bitches? I'd pay you to burn down my parents' house, too, but they're dead and I'm living in their house for free, and if you burned it down, I'd have to pay rent somewhere else.

By the way, Emerson's house is in Concord over near Boston, so you can stop by on your way there and I'll give you your money. And you can crash here if you need to.

Yr. bud,

Waldo Baum
55 Market Ave
Leominster, MA

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