An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England

Arsonist's Guide - burning lady memoirizer, letters, practical advice, authors' homes

The Arsonist's View

memoir The Memoirizer: Everyone has a memoir inside of them. Yes, that means you. You can write one too—just take a spin on our memoirizer and your life will be memorialized forever.

letters Arsonist's Letters: Read some letters written by individuals who have some strong feelings about writers' homes. Could one of these be from someone you know?

red flame Practical Advice: Are you wondering what it takes to be an arsonist? How to dress? What to do? And of course, what not to do? If so, this advice is for you.

house Authors' Homes: Our thanks to all the writers' homes in New England, without which this book would never exist.